Organic Dutch Apple Stroop / Original

Enjoy its soft spreadable texture and deliciously sweet-n-tart flavor that melts right in your mouth. Made from apples, beets and a little fruit pectin, it is not only naturally delicious but also nutritious. A classic favorite among grown-ups and kids – spread it on warm buttered toast, pancakes or peanut butter sandwiches, pair it with cheeses or use it as a meat, fish or tempeh rub or sauce. Or try adding it to your favorite recipe to give it a wonderful sweet-n-tart flavor – the options are endless!






Organic Dutch Apple Stroop / Extra Tart

Similar to our original Dutch Apple Stroop, but with an extra tart kick and a slightly thicker consistency. It is so rich in fruit – about 700 gram of per 100 gram of product – let it sit on your tongue for a little bit and see how the taste opens up. You will probably start thinking about your next bite already! Especially great with cheeses – try it with some goat cheese, a Delice de Bourgonge or an old Gouda cheese or simply enjoy on buttered toast, pancakes or a peanut butter,  prociutto or cheese sandwich.  (Warning: It can be addictive!)


Fun Fact: Did you know that there are as many bikes in Holland as there are people?