Crombach Family

Meet The Crombach Family:  The Organic Farm Dream Lives On For Over 50 Years.

Our Organic Dutch Apple Stroop comes from Crombach, a family-owned business founded in the Southern part of the Netherlands a half-century ago by Sjang Crombach who raised a beautiful orchard with tall trunk trees.

When tall trunk trees fell out of favor in the 1960s for shorter ones that were easier to manage and produced sweeter apples, Sjang stuck by his crop – and the earth. Rather than ravage the landscape to replace his fine old trees with the latest trend, Sjang found a new use for his slightly tarter apples: stroop. And boy, were these tall trunk tree apples perfect to create a deliciously rich sweet-n-tart tasting Dutch Apple Stroop. Soon neighboring farmers started selling their tall trunk tree apples to Sjang, thereby preserving the Netherlands’ original Southern landscape, as well as its biological and ecological system.

An important benefit: tall trunk trees are more disease-resistant than short trunk trees, which means no pesticides in our Organic Dutch Apple Stroop!

Today, the company is run by Sjang’s nephew, Rene Franssen, who honors his uncle’s objectives and principles: offering farmers a fair price for their organic tall trunk tree apples, and making viable a responsible and organic way of growing these apples.


Fun Fact: Did you know that the average Dutch person eats 14,3 kilos of cheese per person each year?