Our Apples

Picking Our Apples At The Right Time To Achieve The Optimal Sweet-n-Tart Balanced Flavor

The sun-kissed fruit from our old tall trunk trees has an optimal sweet/tart balanced flavor, which results in the rich and delicious taste of our Organic Dutch Apple Stroop. Sjang Crombach always believed that the apples should be harvested as late as possible in the season to achieve the best flavor. Sjang also believed the apples shouldn’t be picked from the trees, but rather from the ground after falling from the tree naturally – and this is still the manner in which Crombach collects its fruit today.

While tall trunk tree orchards in the South of Holland have diminished significantly, there is still a great variety of old tall trunk tree breeds in the remaining orchards today.

The Crombach family is proud to help preserve these old tall trunk trees and to deliver a pure product with a rich history of care for the landscape and the biological and ecological system of the Southern part of the Netherlands.


Fun Fact: One kind of tall trunk apples is called Eijsdener Klumpke (klumpke meaning “little bump” in the South of Holland) because it has a little bump where the apple hangs from the stem. Eijsden is the name of a small town in the South of Holland near which this apple tree first showed up in 1840. It is believed that the tree originated in Germany.